Make Digital Cash Work For You

Give your customers an easy option for checkout that utilizes a growing p2p network and saves you money in fees.

No fixed or monthly fees!

With MoneyClip you only pay when someone uses MoneyClip to pay. There are absolutely no setup, fixed, or monthly fees.

Lower rates

MoneyClip takes a significantly reduced percentage of each purchase - only 1% (or less).

Easy to setup and use

Download our merchant app to any smart device. If you can accept cash in store, accepting MoneyClip’s Digital Cash is quick and easy.

No chargebacks

With MoneyClip you don’t have to worry about chargebacks or merchant disputes or fraud. Digital Cash behaves like paper money. Transactions can’t be reversed without your consent and your sales will arrive to your bank the next day.

Use online

MoneyClip enables cash-like payments online. Make online checkouts easy by adding our ‘Pay With MoneyClip’ button to your online shopping cart.

We handle the processing

We manage your account and automatically transfer MoneyClip sales to your bank account daily. Or another frequency that works best for you.

Get your business ready for MoneyClip