How it works

The App

No application, no credit checks, no account statements. And most of all, no fees.

Safely move funds directly between your bank account and your MoneyClip.

Instantly load digital cash onto your app wherever you are. Deposit it back into your bank account with ease.

Send and receive money by username or contact list.

Every user is given a unique tag which can be sent direct payments. You can also send money to anyone in your phone’s contact list.

Request money from a group

Perfect for splitting bills, family group gifts, or fantasy hockey pools. Create a group and quickly send and request money.

Buy and Sell with Digital Cash.

With Moneyclip you never have to use cash to make a trade again. Show or scan a QR code straight from the app to make a cash-like payment without sharing any personal information.

Get notified when MoneyClip is ready to use.

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