Carry cash again.

MoneyClip is a way to store, share, and spend digital cash*. MoneyClip gives you the simplicity of cash with all the convenience of digital payments.

Launching Summer 2019

Benefits of Cash & Convenience of Digital

We combined the best things about cash and digital payments to create MoneyClip. Split bills or repay IOUs directly to another person or use MoneyClip to pay with verified merchants. MoneyClip makes payments fast, simple, and safe. Easily load your MoneyClip by linking your debit card. And when you want to withdraw your balance we’ll transfer Canadian Dollars back to your bank account, for free.


Download the MoneyClip app, sign up, and then start adding and spending your cash.


No third party credit cards or banks involved in transactions. Share or tap directly with friends or participating merchants.


Digital cash is valued the same as physical cash, backed 1:1 by the CA$.

Safe & Secure

Where is my digital cash stored?

Your digital cash is stored on your phone - protected by the same encryption and cryptography that your device uses for all your passwords and other sensitive information. We use state of the art security techniques to ensure only you have acces to your digital cash.

What if I lose my phone?

Spending your money requires both the physical device and your biometric authorization. This means that even if someone else were to gain access to your phone, they wouldn’t be able to access your digital cash. If you lose or replace your device, you can recover your funds through a unique password that only you have.

What if your server was compromised?

Because of our multiple encryption protocol, even if our platform was compromised your MoneyClip can't be accessed without your unique password. And since digital cash is stored in the digital vault in your phone, no one can remotely access your MoneyClip funds.

Your security is our priority. That’s why every part of our process goes through rigid security audits and testing to give us the confidence that MoneyClip meets the highest standards for protecting both your data and your cash.

*Digital cash is not legal tender. Digital cash represents credits that are sold (issued) and bought back (redeemed) on the platform at a $1 to 1 credit ratio. The MoneyClip app is required to purchase, redeem, transfer, or spend credits.

Store your digital cash.

Add funds to your MoneyClip directly out of your bank account.

Share your digital cash.

Make birthday gifts, splitting bills, and lending easy by sharing directly with contacts.

Spend your digital cash.

Make direct payments at partnering merchants and vendors by snap or transfer.

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