Your Security is Our Priority

MoneyClip employs a variety of safety measures to ensure that your funds and transactions are protected. From end-to-end encryption and access controls to advanced safeguards specifically designed for blockchain. Your security is our highest priority.

Secured on your device

Your money is encrypted and stored inside your phone’s native keychain and can only be accessed with your biometric authorization or PIN. No one can reach your money remotely and physical possession of your phone is not enough for someone to touch your digital cash. We built MoneyClip so securely even we can’t access your money.

Your payments aren’t personal

When you use MoneyClip you don’t share any personal financial data with the merchant or contact you are sending money to. Just like a cash transaction, merchants never see your banking data. And since they don’t have it, no one can steal it from them.

Your data is hidden

We built multi-layered encryption and distributed storage into MoneyClip to ensure your data is safe and secure. Your bank information is never stored on our servers and cannot be accessed by us without your biometric or PIN authorization.

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